Tilibs & Lācis is one of the most ambitious and original furniture manufacturers in Latvia with satisfied customers all over the world. We have a vision of the future furniture. The vision that guides us from the moment Tilibs & Lācis was created.

The founders of the company "Tilibs & Lācis" Maris Tilibs and Ivars Lācis have been working together since Year 2000. They both have enjoyed working with wood since childhood. The first craft skills were acquired already in the elementary school, in practical lessons, when first boxes, wooden spoons and other stuff on which a little smile aroses today were made.

The knowledge, experience and people we have is a story of our success. Tilibs & Lācis develops and implements/offers original and high quality furniture for individuals, designers and commercial organizations. We cooperate and work on various projects worldwide.

Our future is to create excellence consisting of unique design, luxury and outstanding performance. Our team, including only high-level professionals, use their knowledge and remarkable experience in each of our project, to achieve our goals.


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