I have loved working with wood ever since I was a little kid. It all started when I was on a grade five when our Manual Teaching teacher Ernis taught me first steps in crafts and woodworks. Back then I did not even know how to sharpen a chisel, but I gradually gained the necessary knowledge. Teacher Ernis let me come to the workshop in the evenings and let me make various items. Then I made my first wooden spoons, boxes and other small things which make me smile when I look back at them.

Afterwards followed five difficult years in Riga Crafts School (Rīgas Amatniecības Vidusskola) .. it really was not easy. RCS taught not only how to work with wood, but also the attitude to work, which is even more important. The school brought me together with Maris Tilibs and now since 2000, we are working together ar partners.

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